Zombie Apocalypse Entry Two

Chapter 3

Jennifer is sitting on the train with Amber, her best friend. She’s on the way to the city to Blake’s 18th, a guy she’s had a massive crush on for a while now. She looks at her watch, 9:15. They were supposed to meet at 7:30 at Town Hall steps but Amber made them late.

Jennifer promised Amber that they’d go together, but it was assumed they would be getting there on time. Amber had neglected to mention that she had her cousins coming over for dinner, and her dad, being the hard ass that he is, made her wait until her cousins had left.

The pair of them have had minimal conversation since they met up at the station. Amber knows that Jen likes Blake so she understands why she would be pissed off. Jen breaks the silence.

‘Should I text him to say we’re on the way?’

‘Nah babe, it will be a better surprise if we just rock up’

‘You know I’m pissed off with you for making us late’

‘We’re not late, we’re fashionably late, this way we can make a sexy entrance’

‘But what if we get there and he’s making out with some bar slut?’

‘That won’t happen babe, everyone knows he has the hots for you. You can be his bar slut for the night’ Amber responded with a giggle.

‘Very funny.’

They arrive at Kings Cross station and jump off the train. Amber said she had been to Soho before so she takes the lead.

‘What if they aren’t at Soho anymore?’ Jen asks.

‘Should I text Tash and find out?’

‘Why don’t you just call her?’

‘Babe you don’t go clubbing much do you, she won’t hear her phone in there’

Amber sends Tash a message asking if they are still at the club. By the time Tash responds, the girls are already in the line waiting to get in. She reads it out to Jeniffer.

‘Habe sil her so good so smash babe fun’

‘Wow, Tash is off her chops! Hopefully we can get as smashed as them soon.’ Amber says to Jen

Jennifer laughs and replies ‘I don’t think anyone could get as smashed as Tash always manages to get!’

The girls laugh some more, and they are let into the club. They both head straight to the bathroom to make sure their hair and make up is still intact. While they are adding the finishing touches, Jennifer gets a text message from Blake.

‘Hey Jen hope you can make it tonight, really wanna see you.’

Jennifer blushed, and put on a big smile. She really wants to see him too.

‘Is that from Blake? Show me.’

‘Nah not from Blake, it was my Dad, checking I got here ok’


The girls leave the bathroom and start scouring the club looking for their friends. Some of which weren’t hard to spot. They see Chris, Trev, Josh, Casey, Belinda, Evan, Tash, Scott, Kevin, Jess, Tom, Kelly and Liz all in the middle of the dance floor.

They are moving incredibly fast, sweat pouring out of them. Spinning in circles, yelling and cheering. Pulling off terrible dance moves. The girls look at each other with a humorous concerned smile.

‘They aren’t drunk at all! Must be on pills or something’ Amber shouts over the music. Jen just nods in response.

‘I’m going to go and find Blake’

‘Well I’m coming!’

With a sigh Jennifer starts walking away, Amber close on her heels. She loves Amber but would also love to see Blake alone. Before long they spot him in the line at the bar, holding his phone in one hand, and his wallet in the other. Glancing down every few seconds at his phone.

She smiles and checks him out. He was looking cool as ever. Jen loved Blake’s style, he always seemed to look so great but not as though he was trying too hard. He was wearing black cargo pants, a crazy colourful t-shirt, and his hair was the rugged style that she’d grown to love.

She taps him on the shoulder.

‘Hey!’ Blake says, with a high pitched broken voice. He clears his throat and tries again.

‘Hey Jen, how’s it going?’

‘Happy birthday Blake’ Jen replies, leaning in and giving him a big kiss on the cheek.

‘Thank you! You look beautiful.’

‘Oh shut up you charmer’

Amber chimed into the conversation with a wolf whistle.

‘Get a room you too. Happy Birthday Blake, I guess.’

‘Amber, always a pleasure.’

‘Sorry we’re late’ said Jennifer, ‘Amber’s bloody dad wouldn’t let her leave a dinner’

‘No worries, I’m just happy you came! It’s so good to see you. Wouldn’t have been the same without you here.’

Annoyed that she wasn’t being included, Amber changed the subject.

’So what the hell is up with the rest of the group? They look damn crazy on the dance floor.’

‘Yeah they all took pills. Chris had them, said they were the best he’d ever taken. He gave me one too, but I haven’t taken it, I’ve just been drinking.’

‘Good boy Blakey’ Amber teased.

Jennifer just smiled at Blake, after a moment looking into each others eyes she said;

‘Well lets drink then! I want to do some Tequila shots!’

The three waited in line at the bar. Jennifer and Amber went ahead of Blake, as they said they would probably get served faster. Before long they were adjacent to the bar, and were looking greedily at 6 Tequila shots.

Jennifer held up one of her shots in the act of making a toast.

‘To Blake, welcome to adulthood, a time to make memories, memories that can easily be forgotten with legally purchased alcohol’

With a laugh the three of them downed their first shots, followed closely by the second ones. Amber, who’d never been a strong drinker said she’d be back in a second, and ran to the bathroom gagging.

‘Should you go with her?’ Blake asked

‘She’ll be ok. She always does this, Amber can’t handle straight alcohol. Besides, gives us 5 minutes to be alone. I love the girl but she can be a bit of a shadow sometimes.’

Blake laughed. ‘Hey there are some lounges over there, want to sit down for a bit and talk?’

‘Sure thing.’

They walked away from the bar towards a long row of lounges. In a ‘Family room’ type layout, each set with a wooden coffee table full of coasters. They plonked down next to each other on one of the couches. The pair were sitting closely. Slightly facing each other. Blake broke the ice.

‘I meant what I said before. You look amazing tonight. You always do. There’s something I’ve been wanting to tell you for a whi-’

He was interrupted when Jennifer leant forward and kissed him. A hard kiss, yet soft at the same time. Passionate and meaningful. She brought her hand up to his face as they kissed. Feeling the tension disappearing in his cheeks. She pulled back from him, then leant forward again and planted an extremely delicate kiss on his cheek.

Blake was speechless. He had been waiting for this moment for years. He didn’t know what to say, but he knew he had to say something.

‘Thanks’ he croaked out, with a slight testipop.

Jen laughed. ‘Anytime Blake’

With his confidence returning Blake leaned in and kissed her again. He never knew Jen had the same feelings for him as he did for her. They sat there kissing, and touching for about 10 minutes. Amber came bounding over and interrupted them.

‘Finally. Thought you two would never get it out of your system!’

‘Shut up Amber.’

‘Well? Is he a good kisser? Is he everything you’d ever imagined?’

‘Yeah he’s not bad, could use a bit of work’ Jen laughed.

‘Ladies, I’m sitting right here’

‘Anyway come on, lets go and say hi to the maniacs dancing’

The three of them left the chilled out section of the club and started to head over to the dance floor. As they approach the group dancing Chris notices them and runs through the floor at full speed, dodging the other dancers as he did it.

His pupils were massive, and his eyes wide open. He had an insanely big smile on his face. He looked like he had just broken out of an insane asylum, wild, dangerous and untamed, with enough sweat pouring out of him to fill a lake.

‘HEY GUYS hey hey hey hey hey. SICK party man. WOOP WOOP WOOP COME ON’

‘Hey Chris’ Amber started ‘Having fun are we?’


‘Stop yelling man we can hear you. How are you feeling? Blake said.

‘GOOD BROTHER. Sorry, good man, feel amazing. Feel so powerful and energetic. Did you take that pill? TAKE IT TAKE IT TAKE IT.’

‘Nah I hav-’


And with that Chris leapt away and raced back to the dance floor. Leaving Amber, Jen and Blake unsure of how to feel.

‘It’s like he’s possessed! I mean I’ve seen him take pills before but he’s never anywhere near like this.’

‘Yeah look at them out there’ Jen replied. ‘They all look insane’

The three of them looked out to the dance floor. It looked fairly normal for a club until you looked right in the middle and saw a dozen people dancing like maniacs. Spinning in circles, jumping up and down. At one point they saw Kelly slip and crash to the ground. Her head hit the floor solidly and bounced twice. Before the three of them could even react Kelly was back on her feet smiling and laughing as if nothing had even happened.

That’s when it all began.

Chapter 4

 Chris was in the centre of the group dancing. Sweat flew off him in every direction as he flailed about like a Magikarp using splash. The rest of them looked just as insane.

Blake, Jennifer and Amber just stood there on the side lines. Watching, amazed by what they were seeing, but also finding the humour in the situation. They were especially entranced by Trev’s killer dance move of holding his arms up straight and jumping on the spot over and over.

Then Chris started spinning in circles. At an insanely fast rate. At the same time his mouth opened and a thick steam of vomit began shooting out. He didn’t stop spinning though. Vomit covered everyone around him. Most of the dancers rushed off the floor yelling and swearing. The only people remaining were from Blake’s group. Chris was still vomiting. It was coming straight out, as if gravity played no part in the matter.

Vomit covered Blake’s friends, who barely noticed. They just kept dancing like maniacs, whilst laughing at the same time. Chris kept dancing, he had stopped spinning and was jumping around now, still vomiting. Then he dropped. Halfway through a dance move the vomiting stopped and Chris slumped to the ground as if the life in him had flown out with the vomit.

The rest of the group dancing took no notice of Chris having fallen. They kept on going, now with bits of sweat and vomit soaring off their bodies with each movement.

Blake was the first to take action. He’s always been good under pressure and was well known for his assertiveness to take action.

‘Amber call an ambulance, Jen, go and tell the staff what happened. Try to find the Manager.’

Before they could reply Blake took off at a run to the middle of the dance floor. He pushed through his friends screaming at them to help. When he reached Chris he was lying motionless on the floor. Blake tried to feel for a pulse but it was too loud and he was too panicked to concentrate.

He yelled for Trev to help him but got no response. As he was bending down to carry Chris, Tom stomped on Chris’s arm while dancing. A horrific bone crunching sound rang through Blake’s head. Like someone had grabbed a large stick and snapped it right next to his ear.

Blake got to his feet, screaming and swearing at Tom, who gave no response other then laughing and dancing. Blake jumped forward and cracked Tom in the jaw with his right fist. Tom stumbled a few steps back, but didn’t stop smiling, laughing and dancing.

Blake dropped back to the floor and grabbed Chris under the armpits and started dragging him away from the madness of the dance floor. Amber was on the phone to the Ambulance as she came over to check on Chris.

The music stopped mid-song, but that didn’t stop the crazy dancers. They just kept going. Jumping up and down, spinning in circles, slipping in the vomit and getting back to their feet. It was insanity.

Jennifer arrived with the Manager who bent down and checked his pulse, all the while firing off questions to the three scared friends.

‘Has he taken any drugs tonight?’

‘Ah yeah he did bu-’ Blake started to answer.

‘What did he take?’

‘I’m not sure, he said it was some new drug’

‘What happened to his arm?’

Chris’s left arm was a horrendous sight. Between the elbow and the wrist in the middle of the forearm was a big bend. It was like having a joint in the middle, like a second elbow. It made Blake feel sick to his stomach.

‘One of the guys out there Tom, stepped on it when he was dancing.’

‘Are they all your friends? We’ve been watching them all night, have they all taken the same drug?’

‘Yeah I think they did.. are they going to get into trouble at all?’

‘I’m not here to get anyone into strife mate, just want to make sure no one dies in my club. Now you’ve called an ambulance I hear?’

Amber chimed in then. ‘Yeah I did, they should be here any minute.’

‘Well you might need to call them again we’ll need more then one Ambo’

He said this looking up from Chris to the other dancers. Trev was now vomiting in the same style that Chris had. Dancing with sheer intensity, whilst projectile vomiting in every direction imaginable.

Blake stood up to go and help Trev, but the firm hand of the manager on his chest held him back.

‘Better not to go over there mate, they seem pretty crazy, can’t have you getting hurt. You’ll need to explain to the Ambos what’s been happening here’

Torn, Blake decided that the manager was right, he looked back over to the group on the dance floor in time to see a few of the girls retching. Belinda, Tash and Kelly all started to vomit within 10 seconds of each other. As with the two boys, they didn’t stop dancing the whole time. Even when Trev collapsed to the ground.

The manager pulled Blake up off the ground and took him away from Chris’s side.

‘Look mate, I don’t know what was in those pills, but it seems to be pretty heavy stuff. Your friends out there are out of control. You and the girls here haven’t taken anything have you?’

‘No we haven’t, I mean my friend here gave me one but I never took it.’

‘Do you still have the pill on you?’

‘Ah.. yeah’

‘Don’t worry I’m not going to call the police or anything, just hang onto it, they might need it at the hospital so they can find out how to combat the effects.’

Before long the first ambulance arrived. Trev, Belinda, Tash and Kelly were all unconscious in the middle of the vomit infested dance floor. Josh, Casey, Evan, Scott, Kevin, Jess, Tom and Liz were all still dancing around the unconscious bodies like nothing had happened. No music was playing, and they all looked ridiculous.

They had a sweaty dehydrated look. Like someone who had been moshing at a festival all day and was only drinking alcohol.

The paramedics rushed in and immediately knelt on each side of Chris. They started firing off the same questions the Manager had just minutes earlier. Blake answered the questions with confidence and detail. Jennifer and Amber stood to the side sobbing quietly.

After about 30 seconds looking over Chris one of the paramedics, a young dark haired man probably no older then 25 looked towards his partner with concern.

‘No pulse’ he said.

Two words. Two syllables. Such a simple statement that has the power to crumble any strong willed person to pieces. Amber and Jennifer let out a sharp cry and instantly fell to pieces.

Blake stared at Chris, for what seemed like an eternity.
He had nothing to say, no tears to cry. He just stared at his best friends body, lifeless and cold on the ground. Chris was such a misunderstood guy, he judged no one but was judged by them all.

He had gotten Blake through some pretty rough times. Blake had spent many nights at Chris’s house sharing experiences, memories and ideas on the future. He knew Chris was stuck in a rut, but also knew that as soon as that rut was over he would accomplish amazing things.

Now he’d never get the chance to show the world what he was made of. In Blake’s trance of despair he didn’t notice that the police had arrived. They were standing talking to the paramedics. Blake overheard what was being said.

‘We need you guys to remove the kids dancing over there so we can get to the four on the ground. But don’t take them away, we’ll need to have a look at them too.’ Said one of the paramedics.

‘We’re going to have to take them to the hospital as soon as possible.’

‘Alright boys, we’ll cuff the lot and put them in the paddy wagon, and deliver them to the hospital.’

The police set out towards the dance floor. They started yelling at the group still dancing.

‘On the floor! Everyone get on the floor RIGHT NOW!’

He got absolutely no response from the group. The two police approached with caution, with both of their batons held out in front. The group kept dancing wildly. One of the cops jumped forward and tackled Josh to the ground. Even when he hit the floor he was wriggling, trying to dance horizontally.

The cop kneed him in the back, pulled Josh’s arms behind him and slapped on the handcuffs. The rest of the group kept dancing as the policeman directed Josh outside to the paddy wagon.

While he was gone the second cop went for Evan, who had just slipped over on some vomit. The cop easily jumped on top of him and was trying to turn him over to get his arms when Evan opened up and let rip. Vomit shot out of Evan’s mouth and covered the Policeman. His face was plastered with it.

He immediately let go of Evan and jumped up yelling and screaming.

‘Disgusting! That little shit got it in my mouth!’ he gagged.

‘Were ya thirsty?’ The other cop said, walking back in from locking Josh away.

‘We need back up to lock up all these kids, I’ll call it in’

The vomit covered cop ran off to the bathroom to clean himself up while the other one called for more officers.

Blake was standing silently looking at Chris while all of this was going on. He had taken no notice of anything that was happening. The girls still stood there, shaking and crying.

He asked the paramedics, ‘Why aren’t you checking on my friends out there?’

‘We need the police to remove your other friends so we don’t get harmed matey.’

‘But they are waiting for backup! What if they’re dead when they get here!’

’Sorry bud, it’s protocol’

‘Fuck your protocol!’

With that Blake rushed past the paramedics, and the cop on his walkie, and ran onto the dance floor. He ducked under Kevin’s swinging arms and weaved past Casey, He grabbed Kelly by the collar and dragged her backwards through the crowd. When he was far away enough from the rest of the group he dropped her and yelled at the paramedics.


Then he raced back over to the group and came back dragging Belinda and Tash by their arms and left them next to the paramedics and Kelly.

He went back a 3rd time to get Trev, who was lying a little to the left of the group. He left Trev till last because he had the least chance of someone stomping on him like Tom had done to Chris. When he reached Trev he bent down to lift him under the arms, as Trev was a pretty heavy guy. He was knocked forward by a blow to the back of the head, and fell on top of Trev. Scott had kicked him during one of his dance moves.

Startled and dazed, Blake got to his feet and shoved Scott hard out of the way. Scott went sprawling forwards and smashed his face on the ground, only to get up a second later as if nothing had happened at all.

Blake, feeling weary and faint started to drag Trev over to the paramedics when the policeman ran over and helped.

After a while the paramedics pronounced Trev, Belinda, Tash and Kelly as dead. All gone. Four more lives gone forever. Jennifer and Amber were beside themselves. One of the paramedics said they were in shock, they were sitting on a couch with foil blankets covering their bodies, rocking back and forth, though they weren’t crying anymore. Blake didn’t know if that was a good or bad sign.

Blake sat leaning against the arm rest of the couch, with his head between his knees. More police had arrived now and were in the process of handcuffing  Casey, Evan, Scott, Kevin, Jess, Tom and Liz. Three more Ambulances were outside and they were taking Chris, Trev, Belinda, Kelly and Tash’s bodies on stretchers.

One of the policemen asked Blake what he wanted to do. He said he could come to the hospital, where they are taking his friends for examination to stay with them. Or he could go home and get some rest. He made sure Blake new regardless of his decision he would still have to give a detailed statement of what happened. He hinted the best option would be to accompany them to the hospital, where he might be able to help with their questions about his friends.

What do you choose?

 Blake goes home to rest.

 Blake goes to the hospital to help his friends.

Zombie Apocalypse Entry One

Chapter One


Blake is sitting at his computer logged on to Facebook. He turns 18 tomorrow and is checking how many people are attending his Facebook event. 24 people have said they are attending, 15 maybes and 12 have declined.

He’s been waiting for this moment for years. Finally the day comes where he no longer has to loiter in dodgy parking lots asking adults to buy him a goon bag, no longer has to source fake IDs to attempt to enter pubs.

He sits there going over the details of the event for the 200th time with a giant smile on his face.

‘Hey guys! It’s my 18th on Friday the 1st of November! So keen to get out there and be an adult. I’ve decided to head into the city for the event so I can use my awesome adult powers in full force!

 We’ll be meeting around 7:30 at Town Hall station then walking to Kings Cross. I’ve decided to start the night at Soho!!! The address is 171 Victoria street, Potts Point if you decide to come later. 

I know some of you are still going to be under 18 and won’t be able to come to the city but Saturday night so I’m going to have drinks at my place so we can all get smashed together. Lol

I talked to a mate of mine and he is putting a guest list together for us, so if you decide to come make sure you click that you’re attending so I can put you down! Everyone on the guest list will get half price entry, and a free drink voucher. Also, it’s $5 Jager bombs and $4 beers until 10pm! Hope to see you all there!’

 The cut off for the guest list is at midnight, so Blake refreshes the page one more time to see if anyone else is attending. Now 25 people say they are going, and 14 maybes! He clicks the attending list and scrolls through to see who has made their decision.

‘Yes!’ Blake yelled when he noticed it was Jennifer who was attending. Jennifer was a year above Blake, she finished school last year. He was totally smitten by Jen, and was often seeking out any opportunity to see her or start a conversation with her. He was hoping she would be coming to the event.

He didn’t need to message his mate to add her onto the guest list as he had already put her on, just in case.

Blake was surprised at the number of people attending. He thought with the final school exams starting soon that people would dog the event because they need to study. He was quite content in knowing that his happiness came before people’s futures. With a smile on his face, and tomorrow on his mind, Blake shut down the computer and attempted the impossible – Sleep.

He lay in bed staring at the darkened ceiling. A thousand thoughts were soaring through his mind like the running of the bulls, knocking the idea of sleep further and further away from him. ‘Will anyone show up? What if they think my ID is fake? What if I get bashed or killed? What if Jennifer doesn’t come? What if she sees me dancing and thinks I’m a douche? What if that guy never sent off the guest list?’

Realising that sleep was going to be impossible, Blake gets out of bed and tip toes back to the computer room, hoping his parents won’t awaken. He slides through the slightly opened door, closes it quietly and flicks the light on.

He turns on the computer again, just to check the event one more time. He logs on to Facebook, and opens a second tab on the browser. Google pops up, and Blake searches ‘Club dance moves’. He goes back to Facebook and sees that he has a message from Chris, a guy Blake knows well. He’s a couple of years older then Blake, at the ripe old age of 19.

Chris dropped out of school after finishing year 10. Since then he hasn’t done much with his life. Blake had spent a bit of time with Chris lately, hanging out at his place playing video games, and smoking bongs with him on the odd occasion. He likes Chris, thinks he is cool, calm and collected.

Blake opens the message from Chris, it read; ‘Hey Bro, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!’ He looks at the clock, 12:35am, He’s officially 18 now. With a smug smile on his face Blake keeps reading.

‘Heaps keen for your party tonight man, will be awesome having you join us in the adult world. Don’t know why you picked Soho though cuz, they don’t play any hard-style or anything! Still should be sick. By the way I got some mad pills for it. My mate gave me 25 of them yesterday to sell at your party. Haven’t tried them yet but he said they should be fucking hectic, they’ll be about $20 each or 6 for $100. Let some of your mates know and holla if your keen. Should be an awesome night man. Catchya!’

Blake was unsure how to feel about this. He had never tried ecstasy before and wasn’t sure if he wanted to. He knew a lot of people take it when they go clubbing in the city, and also knew a few of the people on the guest list would be taking it for sure.

He didn’t respond to the message and thought he’d be better off talking to Chris about it tomorrow, which would give him time to think.

Blake shutdown the computer for the second time that night, snuck back out of the computer room and down the hall to his bedroom and by 1:30 am, finally achieved sleep.

Blake wakes up feeling sluggish. With a long yawn he rolls over and looks at the clock, 2:36pm. He slept in. Annoyed that his parents hadn’t woken him up, Blake flops out of bed and puts on his trackies and a t-shirt.

He finds his Mum in the lounge room reading a book. She’s pretty young to be a mother of someone Blake’s age. She was pregnant with Blake at the age of 16, and had him just after she turned 17. He never met his real father, as soon as he found out she was pregnant he left her. His family moved to Queensland soon after.

She has always said that if he wants to meet his Dad then she can arrange it. But Blake always responds with, ‘If he left you he’s an idiot, and I already know too many idiots’.

When Blake was 5 years old his Mum met another man. They were together for just over 2 years before getting married when he was 7. Blake liked him from the start. He’d always gone out of his way to get to know Blake and spent a lot of time with him. They have done everything together, from playing soccer on the weekends, to fishing trips to failing miserably at playing Mario Cart.

Blake’s Step dad is called David, and this is what Blake calls him as well. David has always asked Blake to call him that rather then Dad, just in case one day he decides to meet his real father.

His Mum looks up from her book at Blake with a beautiful smile on her face. A smile that screams happiness, pride and accomplishment.

‘Happy birthday Blakey!’

‘Thanks Mum, why didn’t you wake me!’

‘You looked so peaceful, and I thought, every second you stay asleep you’re still my baby boy! But the minute you wake up, you’ll become my Baby man. Besides, you’ll need that extra sleep when you’re up partying all night!’

Blake laughed, ‘Ah thanks mum, so is David at work? I wanted to see him before I left tonight’

‘Yeah he had an appointment at 1:00pm, sorry love, but when you get back tonight, or tomorrow morning be sure to wake us and tell us all about it!’

‘Ah mum I might be a bit worse for wear when I get home, probably best if I wait until I wake up and am less.. Drunk’

‘On that matter I want to ask, please don’t drink too much tonight. It’s your first time in the city and I don’t want to get any 2am calls from the police or hospital. Plus you want to remember your 18th! So many people are too far spent to remember anything from their 18th!’

‘Don’t worry Mum, I won’t be drinking too much. I know, I want to remember it too, and the idea of going into the city is making me a bit nervous anyway.’

‘Glad to see my little man is growing up! Now as for presents, I know you just asked for money for tonight, but David and I got you a few other little things as well. But we’ll wait until you’re both home to give them to you, is that ok?’

‘Yeah that’s fine mum, and thank you, you didn’t need to do that.’

‘Of course I did, don’t be stupid. Now I have the money here’

She reached onto the table and picked up a white envelope with the words ‘Happy birthday Blakey’ written in gold metallic texta on the front.

‘Put it in your wallet and keep it safe!’

Blake thanked his Mum and opened the envelope, inside were 5 fifty dollar notes.

‘Wow thanks mum! You didn’t need to give me that much!’

‘I want you to have fun tonight, and I added some extra in case you need to catch a taxi home from the station. Now, are we all set to have your friends over tomorrow night?’

‘Yep, got a few people coming round who have confirmed. Are we still doing the BBQ or are we going to order pizzas?’

‘Up to you love, what would you prefer?’

‘Would be easier to do pizzas, I can get everyone to chip in $5 or something and order a couple’

‘Sounds good too me! What time are you heading off this afternoon?’

‘I’m going to get to Chris’s house around 5:30 and have some pre-drinks, then I’m heading into the city with him to meet at town hall around 7:30’

‘Alright hun, sounds good. Are you excited!’

‘Excited but nervous, Jen is going to be there.’

His mum then proceeded to make dog whistling noises then nudged him with her elbow and winked.

‘Oh shut up’

‘Maybe now that you’re a man she’ll be more interested in you’ she laughed.

With a red face and a childish grin on his face Blake started to leave the room saying ‘Whatever mum, I’m going to go and have a shower and get dressed’

As he was walking down the hall to the bathroom his mother yelled out ‘Don’t use too much deodorant! It will look like you’re trying too hard!’

‘Shut up mum! Oh my god!’

Blake to the bathroom and looked in the mirror. His light brown hair was now well past his ears and in serious need of a cut. He looked at the tiny patch of hair growing on his chin with a smile on his face.

Blake left the bathroom and went into his parents ensuite. He came back with David’s shaving cream and razor. You’re a man now, he thought to himself. Men Shave.

After spending 5 seconds shaving the miserable few hairs on his chin, Blake hopped in the shower and cleaned himself up. He then went into his room to pick his outfit for the night.

Blake decided on black cargo pants and a colourful t-shirt with whacky lines and squiggles all over the front. He put on some low cut white socks and then pulled on his trusty old skater shoes.

Back in the bathroom Blake spent 5 minutes trying to style his hair into something presentable. After achieving this he decided it looked as though he was trying too hard so he scruffed it up again. He wanted to look cool, but he didn’t want to look like he tried to look cool.

After spending some time on the computer 5:00pm came around fast. He grabbed his wallet and his phone and went to find his Mum to say goodbye. She was in the kitchen chopping up veggies for dinner.

‘I gotta go mum, heading to Chris’s now’

‘Ok love, make sure you text me when you get to the city, and if you leave to go to another club, and when you leave the city, and when you are on the train home, and when you arrive at the station’

‘Jesus mum! I won’t be – ’

‘And when you get home come and wake me so I know you’re back’

‘Ah ok. I will. Don’t worry about me though, I’ll be with a big group of people, and as I said I want be too hammered’

‘Ok Blake. Just remember to have fun, text me if anything goes wrong and I’ll come and get you.’

‘Ok thanks mum, I will. Cya!’

‘Bye baby! I’ll be thinking of you!

Blake started to walk to the front door when his mother called out.

‘Oh Blake! I love you!’

‘Love you too mum’

That was the last time Blake would ever see his mother again.

Chapter two

Blake walked to Chris’s house. It isn’t such a bad walk, mostly down hill, only takes 20 minutes or so, and it was a fairly cool day.

Chris lives alone in a 1 bedroom duplex house. It was all he could afford on his Centerlink salary. His parents had kicked him out of home at the age of 17 when they found out he was using drugs, and he has had minimal contact with them since.

Chris’s house was fairly unloved; there were beer bottles everywhere, 3 ashtrays that were full to the point that cigarette butts were falling on the table, and it had a smell that 50 cigarettes burning a day in a small room would produce. Still Blake didn’t go there to see a beautiful house, he went to hang out with his mate, and being young, he didn’t care what state the house was in.

Blake arrived at Chris’s house just before 5:30pm. He walked straight through the door. Chris has always said that Blake doesn’t need to knock, and it’s frustrating when he does, as you can’t pause an online game.

Once Blake had knocked, and Chris was in the middle of playing Call of Duty. He ran to answer the door, and by the time he got back he had been killed. Ruining his kill to death ratio of 25:0. Blake never heard the end of that.

Blake walked into the lounge room and found Chris focused on the screen holding his Playstation controller.

‘Hey man, Happy birthday! I’m nearly done. Hold up.’

‘Cheers dude, no worries’ Blake said, as he was clearing away a pile of gaming magazines to clear a space on the lounge.

Chris’s character in the game walked into a room, tripped a claymore and was instantly blown to smithereens.

‘Fuck this game’ Chris yelled, and threw his controller across the room.

Blake laughed, ‘Nothing changes with you does it bro’

‘Not now not ever. Hey did you see my message on Facebook last night?’

‘Yeah I saw it just before I left’ Blake lied.

‘What do you reckon? You want one?’

‘I don’t know man. Maybe later, we’ll see how the night goes’

‘Well here’s one on the house, consider it a birthday present’

Chris handed him a small Ziploc bag with a round pill inside it. Blake held it up to his eye and saw that is had no pattern or symbol. It was pure white. As white as a Panadol.

‘Aren’t these things supposed to have a picture on them or something? Like an apple, or a smiley face?’

‘Some do, some don’t. My mate said these are brand new to the market, only got the shipment in two days ago or something. He reckons people say they are the best shit they’ve taken in years. I’m going to try my first one tonight in the city, might take two if they’re good.’

‘True, well cheers man, I’ll hang onto it. Might take it at the club or something.’

‘He said sniffer dogs can’t even detect them. Same with drug tests.’

‘So it’s not ecstasy?’

‘Nah dude, I don’t know what it is, some new drug. But I got these ones dirt cheap to test them’

‘Are they safe?’

‘Is driving a car safe?’

This was his response to that question every time. His idea is that nothing is safe, yet people do it anyway.

‘Fair enough dude I’ll see how I go.’

At 6:20 Blake and Chris walked from his house to the station, which was only 5 minutes away. Chris had told him it takes about an hour to get there by train.

On the train Chris decided to take his first pill. He popped it in his mouth and chased it down with some water he brought with him. He tried to get Blake to take his but Blake was adamant in wanting to wait until later.

When they were pulling up to Town Hall station Blake sent his mother a message to say he had arrived.

As they left the station Blake looked over to the Town Hall steps, there was a group of familiar faces waiting there for him.

It took every ounce of effort he had not to run up to his friends jumping up and down and giggling like a little school girl. Instead he put his hands in his pockets and casually strolled up to them acting as cool as possible.

‘Hey guys, ready to get shitfaced?’

He was greeted by laughs, hugs, hand shakes and kissed on the cheek. Only 14 people had shown up so far, but it was only 7:40pm and he knew a few people were coming later. Jennifer wasn’t there yet.

Everyone was talking at the same time, Blake flowed into the conversation with ease but Chris, who’d always had trouble mixing with different crowds stayed back from the group, leaning against the short cement wall with his hands in his pockets and his hoodie up, looking as dodgy as ever.

It wasn’t long before one of Blake’s mates, Trev said

‘So is anyone taking anything tonight?’

‘I take your mum every night’ Josh responded, getting the laughs he was searching for.

‘Ha ha. But seriously, anyone got any pills or something?’

Now it was Chris’s time to shine. He propped up and took a few steps towards the group. Blake nodded Trev in the direction of Chris.

Before long Chris had sold 11 of the mystery pills he had. Josh, Belinda, Casey, Evan, Tash, Scott, Kevin, Jess and Tom all bought one. Trev bought two. Trev took one of his straight away, the other said they’d wait until they were in the club.

The group waited until 8:00pm before leaving to go to Soho. In that time 5 more people showed up. Jennifer wasn’t one of them. Chris sold two more pills to Kelly and Liz.

They started to walk towards Kings Cross, Blake and Chris leading the pack. Whilst they were walking Chris started getting pumped up.

‘Man this pill is kicking in. Starting to buzz a bit. Hearts racing. Feeling pretty good aye’

‘That’s good man, I probably will take one, seeing as so many other people are’

‘Good man, good man. The city is a whole lot more fun when you’re buzzing!’

It took about 20 minutes to walk to the Cross. Everyone queued up in the line, and before long all 19 of them were inside, engulfed by the flashing lights, the lasers, and the pumping music.

As soon as they were inside most of the girls went to the bathroom to freshen up. The guys went to the bar to buy some drinks. They made it perfectly clear that Blake was getting free drinks all night.

They all started with a round of Jager bombs, then bought a variety of beers and spirits to carry around. When the girls came back from the bathroom they mentioned to everyone that they had taken their pills. So the boys decided they would too. A couple of them took a glance around and took them near the bar, but the nervous ones went into the bathrooms to do it.

Chris and Trev were missing. Blake went to look for them and found them dancing their hearts off on the dance floor. Chris saw him and bounded over like a lost puppy who’d found his owner.

‘DUDE! Sickest club man! Did you take that shit?’

‘Nah not ye-’

‘TAKE IT MAN! It’s the best pill I’ve ever had! So serene, so intense! Check out these moves’

Chris started dancing away, looking like a jelly fish that’d been struck by lightning. Moving back to the dance floor as he danced.

Blake thought about it. He wasn’t sure if he should take it or not. Most of his friends had just taken it, and it seemed pretty harmless. He didn’t want to be off his chops if Jennifer arrived, but at the same time he wanted to have as much fun as Trev and Chris were having.


Option (A) Blake takes the pill.

Option (B) Blake doesn’t take the pill.

And the winner is…….


Zombie Apocalypse!!

Thanks for your votes in the poll guys. The result with the highest percentage was Zombie Apocalypse! A topic that’s close to my heart. I’ve always loved Zombies, well.. Loved slaughtering them, ever since playing Call of Duty – World at war, all those years ago. I’ve now played almost every Zombie game imaginable. The first Zombie movie I saw was 28 days later, and I loved it. Now I’ve seen pretty much every zombie movie available, from Zombie Strippers to World War Z. Hands down the best one to date would be ‘I am Legend’ Which brought my love for Will Smith, and love for zombie movies together at last.

I look forward to getting started on this book, although I’ve never read a Zombie book (Aside from the Zombie Survival Guide – Which is awesome) I am keen to see how this plays out!

Now don’t expect the first entry to be right into the action, It won’t start with ‘Timmy is surrounded by zombies’ as I will have to lay out the story line a little bit. There may not even be mention of Zombies in the first entry, but we’ll see what happens when I start writing.

I expect the first entry to be up within the next 10 hours or so. (Not that it will take me 10 hours, but I’m in a distracting house)

Hope you all enjoy the adventure we are about to create!

– Cameron.

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